GTD Podcast Roundup

I’ve been catching up on podcasts after having been away for a couple weeks - possibly the best part of being on vacation is not having a commute, but the flipside is falling way behind on my listening.

I heard two great podcasts related to Getting Things Done that I want to make note of:

  • Episode 7 of the official Getting Things Done podcast is a guided weekly review with a senior coach. I found this to be a nice shake-up to my usual weekly review process; Meg’s comments made me think about each step just a little differently. I’d like to come back to this periodically.
  • Episode 263 of Mac Power Users with Kourish Dini was a nice discussion of Kourish’s Omnifocus practice. In particular, his use of a ‘Land and Sea’ project sounded interesting. He’s also much more willing than I am to have flagged, daily-recurring actions queued up, so I may try this out.

I’ve been falling pretty far behind on MPU lately; they’re cranking out episodes faster than ever. It also seems like the information density has decreased, so we’ll see if that stays in regular rotation. I’m dipping my toes in the water of the official GTD podcast, but so far it’s been worth the time.