Fantastical Version 3

I was just checking out the new Fantastical version 3. While I don’t mind a subscription, the massive price increase over version 2 is a deal breaker for me. The only thing the subscription unlocks that I would use are calendar sets on iOS, but that’s not worth $40/yr (to me).

Looking back two and a half years to my last thoughts on this topic, my opinion is still the same. The switch to subscriptions is often coupled with a significant price increase, and that’s the cause of most backlash. The old TextExpander versions are still working just fine for me. I did finally subscribe to Day One Premium earlier this year, though I can’t recall what feature finally tipped the cost/value relationship for me.

Maybe I’ll eventually reconsider with Fantastical 3, but for now, I’ll just continue with the version 2 feature set.