What I’m working on now

Last updated: August 5, 2017.

I spend most days working at Bose, as an Applied Research Engineer for the Automotive Systems Division. I work on projects I can’t write about here, except to say that I get to spend my days listening to music with the goal of making it sound better.

My family is my priority: my wife and my son, and our two dogs.

I’m about to release new music with my band, Sleep Studies; our second album is mastered and waiting for a name. I also try to create at least two new drum patterns each week, to both force me to practice and to learn more about the nuances of Ableton Live.

I try to read one book each month. It’s not an overly ambitious goal, but reading is a priority, and I need to restart the habit. I’m also journaling two or three times a week.

I try to spend a few minutes each day honing my coding skills. A few years ago I shipped a very basic weather app, Snow Day, and I’m in the process of adding a python-based server component to it. I recently released a fitness app for the Apple Watch, Stand Up. I’m also trying to learn more about Core Audio, with the goal of releasing an AudioUnit plugin this year.

I previously published Today in Shark News, a link blog of, well, shark news, but I’m currently taking a break from that project.