I caught Radiohead at TD Garden last night; they played a really great set:

  1. Daydreaming
  2. Desert Island Disk
  3. Ful Stop
  4. 2 + 2 = 5
  5. Myxomatosis
  6. All I Need
  7. Videotape
  8. No Surprises
  9. Everything in Its Right Place
  10. Bloom
  11. Separator
  12. Reckoner
  13. The National Anthem
  14. How to Disappear Completely
  15. You and Whose Army?
  16. There There
  17. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  18. Optimistic
  19. Nude
  20. The Numbers
  21. Lotus Flower
  22. Fake Plastic Trees
  23. Idioteque
  24. Exit Music (for a Film)
  25. Karma Police

Tower is my preferred git GUI, but the price jump from $70 for a perpetual license (lasted me 3.5 years) to $70/year is not something I can ignore. I don’t mind a subscription; it’s the price increases that drive me away.

The New Tower Has Launched

I found Oberon at the liquor store; I’m just missing an orange slice. This takes me back to summers in Ann Arbor.