I have mixed feelings about Project Monarch. As a Mac user forced to use Outlook, the current inconsistencies across platforms make me crazy. But it’s hard to imagine this will feel nearly as native at the current client.

iOS Scanner Apps

I just discovered that PDFpen Scan+ was discontinued, and went on a mini quest to find a replacement. I landed on ‎Scanner Pro.

I also considered:

Scanner Pro works with most of the cloud environments, so I have it pointed at a folder in Dropbox that gets slurped into my inbox. A scan can also be initiated from Shortcuts, so I’ve removed the app from my homescreen.

And I first learned about The Smashing Pumpkins from a trivia card at Pizzeria Uno. I got into their music sooner; Siamese Dream was (and remains) one of my favorite albums when I bought a copy around ’97.