Looks like iOS 11.3 fixes one of my Music.app gripes — opening a playlist, playing a song, and tapping on the song’s album name to see the album would take you back to the playlist view. Now you have a choice of Artist, Album, or Playlist view.

I bought my iMac in 2013 and sprung for a Thunderbolt cable so I could use Target Display Mode. Today, with a forecast of 12-18” of snow, is the first day I’ve worked from home and gotten Target Display Mode working. It’s glorious.

Transporter Desktop on High Sierra

If anyone out there is still using the File Transporter system, there’s a compatibility issue with High Sierra. The last version available via the official update channel is 4.2.12, but there’s a patch for version 4.2.18 available from their support site. This restores access to the Transporter Library.

This issue reminded me that support for this system ended in September, 2017, so I’m on borrowed time. I just upgraded to the 2TB storage plan on iCloud, so I may test migrating the data I have on the File Transporter into iCloud… but that seems risky.