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Tremolo Pedal - Getting Back to Work

I’m picking up the tremolo I’ve been working at off and on since 2005. I started the project when my friend Keith bought a Rhodes that summer - I figured it would be a great project. The circuit is straight forward - it started as a Tremulus Lune, with a few modifications. I never got around to prototyping it, until this past summer. An expedition to Peru, and a move, then a graduate class all interrupted work.


Work remaining to be done:

Dremel out stops for the potentiometer anti-rotation tabs

Paint the enclosure



Transfer the circuit to a protoboard from the breadboard (document circuit mods! before I forget)

Final assembly


I also need to inventory the parts I have - I may need to order a few more components (9V voltage regulator?).

tremolo case - unfinished

unfinished pedal case