Master for iTunes Droplet - Fixed!

In what may be a first for me, Apple just resolved the bug report I filed back in January regarding a problem with the Master for iTunes Droplet.

The root of the problem was that the OS version was being compared to a regular string of 10.6, instead of being compared as a numeric string. The result was that 10.10 was returning false when checked with is less than "10.6" then.

The bug report I filed included my suggested fix, so I was curious to see what they implemented. Here’s the relevant section of code:

set systemVersion to system version of (get system info)
considering numeric strings
    if systemVersion is less than "10.6" then
        log ("ITUNESMASTERINGDROPLET: incompatible system version")
        display alert SYSTEM_CHECK_ERROR_TITLE message SYSTEM_CHECK_ERROR_MESSAGE as warning buttons {CANCEL_BUTTON_TITLE} default button 1
        log ("ITUNESMASTERINGDROPLET: shutting down")
        error number -128
    end if
end considering

Their fix is slightly more elegant than what I suggested, but it’s fundamentally the same. They also addressed the problem with Gatekeeper rejecting the droplet.

The updated droplet is available for download now.