Migrating the RSS Feed from Scriptogr.am to WordPress

It had been a while since I last looked at my RSS feed setup, and I didn’t realize I was still using Feedburner. This made it a lot simpler to migrate the RSS feed:

  1. I confirmed Feedburner was looking at the old RSS URL, without my custom DNS (http://scriptogr.am/jeffvautin/feed).
  2. I changed my DNS records to point jeffvautin.com at my new WordPress Server.
  3. Once I had confirmed that the DNS records had updated, I changed Feedburner’s settings so it was looking at the new URL (http://jeffvautin.com/feed).

Now, anyone who was subscribed to the old feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/jeffvautin) will see the new posts. Since GUIDs changed, everyone will see all the content again… but oh well. It wasn’t worth the effort to sort this out for the few of you who were subscribed, anyway.

I’ve also decided that I should own my RSS URL, so for now I’m letting the site serve up http://jeffvautin.com/feed as the default feed. I should remove the comments feed, but I’ll do that later.