Songs Perverse and Songs of Lament: Reflections on Cursive’s Accidental Masterpiece, ‘The Ugly Organ’

I remember the crowds, there was a very interesting mix of audience members. It was a weird time for rock and punk where you could have two bands like ours tour and there would be some kind of crossover there. We had done opening tours like that in the past that on paper seemed to make a lot more sense and we’d get brutalized for seven weeks, every night. But their crowds were very receptive, or at least polite. Like when we opened for Glassjaw, for example. You’d think there was more mutual interest in the fanbases. But the reception we got on the Cursive tour was far and away better than the one we got on the Glassjaw tour.

The Ugly Organ was a staple of my sophomore year of college. I remember catching the Cursive/Blood Brothers tour in Detroit.