Netflix + Charter

I saw this tweet1 come up in my feed the other day:

Which reminded me of this blog post from a week ago. Since we have the joy of paying Charter Communications for our internet access2, I figured I’d check to see how solid our connection was.

First, I ran the test over our home Wi-Fi network:


Then I did the same test, but VPNed into work (about 20 miles away):


So, Charter seems to be doing right by us here. If only we could get them to stop mailing us offers for TV service, I might actually be a satisfied customer.

  1. This also gave me a chance to play around with Dr. Drang’s modified script, but then I stumbled onto his post about Twitter’s “new” (to me) embedding capability

  2. Like so many Americans, we only have one option for non-DSL high-speed internet access.